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Why biomass energy is a renewable source

Biomass is the quantity of organic material produced in a certain area. This term has been used frequently in recent years due to concerns about energy sources.

Biomass is able to generate gases that are transformed in specific plants into energy.

This energy results from the decomposition of organic materials, such as chicken manure, wood, agricultural waste, food waste, and other items.

Biomass can be a great energy option because it is renewable and generates low amounts of pollutants.

Practical advantages that make a difference


Pellets burn more and longer, which results in their high efficiency. They are also safer, since there are no risks of fuel leaks or accidental burning. They can be stored, which avoids supply interruptions.

On top of all this, they do not require specialized manpower and can be used in automatic replacement systems in boilers or furnaces.

To meet the specific needs of each customer, the pellets are sold in 15-kg bags or in big bags with adjustable sizes.

Premium quality

Biomass renewable energy

Ecological product

High energy value

No additives

100% reforested pine

Pellets, therefore, are considered a biomass energy source. Only carefully selected virgin wood is used to produce pellets. It is not necessary to cut down trees because pellets can be made from sawdust or pieces of wood that are normally discarded. Due to the low humidity content of pellets, their combustion is more efficient, their flame is stable, and they burn longer than other fuels.


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